Geologic Society of America

The Geologic Society of America is an annual conference which holds regional meetings where our students present their senior thesis and research. The abstracts related to the individuals research from GSA are linked below.


  • Valentino, Benjamin 2012. T23. Seeing through the Haze: Remote Sensing, Geophysical Investigations, Paleoseismology, and Neotectonics in Northeastern North America (Posters)
  • Seeger, Emily 2012. The Last Gasp: Devonian Pyritized Burrows Preserve Rapid Oxic-Anoxic Transition Before Mass Extiction
  • Garrand, Kasey 2012. Joint Analysis Across the Trenton-Utica Boundary in the Mohawk River Headwater Region, New York
  • Valentino, David 2012. Magnetic Anomaly Map of Long Lake, Adirondack Mountains, New York
  • Valentino, Benjamin 2012. Continuity of Aquifers in Glacial Deposits: A Regional Investigation Using Electrical Resistivity Methods At The Rice Creek Field Station, Oswego,New York 


  • Sanderson, Emily, 2011. Assessing the Integreity of Dams on Rice Creek, Oswego, New York, Using Electrical Resistivity Methods
  • Valentino, Joshua, 2011. Joint and Bedding Controls on Waterfall Morphology and Periglacial Mass Wasting, Ricketts Glen, NE PA
  • Valentino, Joshua, 2011. Variably Developed Joints in the Ordovician Starta of the Tug Hill Plateau, New York
  • Thorpe, Margaret, 2011. Fault Related Fractures in the Potsdam Formation, Altona Flat Rock, Northeast New York
  • Linguanti, Christine, 2011. Synorogenic Emplacement of Granite Sheets, Hudson Highlands, New York
  • Valentino, David, Joshua Valentino, 2011. Integrated Magnetic and Structural Investigation of Conceled Brittle Faults, Adirondack Mountains, New York
  • Valentino, Benjamin, 2011. Tracking the Interaction Between Surface Water - Groundwater in Glacial Deposits Using Electrical Resistivity Methods, Central New York
  • Tomascak, Paul, 2011. The Nature and Extent of the eastern Part of the Northern Contact Zone of the Sebago Pluton, SW Maine
  • Valentino, David, 2011. Geochemical Analysis and Regional Correlations Between Granitic Gneisses of the Western Hudson Highlands, NY


  • Alex O'Hara, 2010. Lithologic COntrol on the Orientation of the Bedrock Joints in the Tug Hill Plateau, New York
  • Walker, Thomas, 2010. Central New York Varve Chronology:  A suggestion for Quaternary Geologists
  • Valentino, David, 2010. Development of the Piseco Lake Graben in a Sinistral Pull-Apart Structure, Southern Adirondacks, New York
  • Valentino, Benjamin, 2010. Magnetic Gradient Anomalies on Onondaga Lake, New York:  Are They Geologic or Anthropogenic?
  • Fetherston, Daniel, 2010. Progressive Changes in the Direction of Bulk Shortening and its Effects on Porphyroblast Growth:  An Example from the Kanmantoo of South Australia. 
  • Cuevas, Regina, 2010. Trace Fossil Analysis of Frasnian Strata Exposed at Irish Gulf, Boston, NY. 
  • Tomascak, Paul, 2010. The Eastern Contact Zone of the Sebago Pluton, SW Maine: Implications for Timing of Emplacement
  • Pierce, Carl, 2010. Geophysical Inestigation of a Timbucto Archaeological Site, North Elba, New York


  • Walker Thomas, 2009. Varve Stratigraphy from Wetland Cores, Oswego County, New York
  • Valentino, Joshua, 2009. Analysis of Bedrock Joints in the Eastern Flank of the Tug Hill Plateau, Oswego and Jefferson Counties, New York
  • Heenan, Jeffrey, 2009. Magnetic Anomaly Mapping and Subsurface Modeling of Onondaga Lake, New York
  • McAdam, Shannon, 2009. Elemental Geochemistry of Migmatites within the Sebago Migmatite Domain, Southwestern Maine
  • Williams, Lindsay, 2009. Quartz Ribbons from the PIseco Lake Shear Zone:  Do They Track the LAst Pulse of Ductile Deformation?
  • Hewitt, Elise, 2009. Magnetic Anomoly Mapping and Subsurface Modeling of Hinckley Reservoir, Hinckley, NY
  • Wagner, Jeanette, 2009. Kinematic Analysis of the Piseco Antifom along the Sacandaga River Transect, Southeastern Adirondacks, New York
  • Reitz, Kevin, 2009. Provenance age Determination for Siliciclastic Rocks of the Pennsylvania Piedmont Using SM-ND Isotope Geochronology
  • Boyer, Diana, 2009.  Microstratigraphic Interpretations of Relative Oxygen Levels from Devonian Black Shales of New York State
  • Tomascak, Paul, 2009. Mineral and Textural Variations in Granites of the Sebago Pluton at its Eastern Contact Zone, Southern Maine


  • Soldner, Stephen, 2008. Three Dimensional Electrical Resistivity Analysis of the Rice Creek Region, Oswego, New York
  • Hewitt, Elise, 2008. Three Dimensional Modeling of the Groundwater Distribution Within the Cornish Hill Drumlin using Electrical Resistivity, Oswego, New York
  • Conte, Elise, 2008. Mapping Surface and Groundwater Interaction in the Wetland to Upland Transition within Glacial Deposits Using High-Resolution Electrical Resistivity Techniques, Oswego County, New York
  • Valentino, Joshua, 2008.  Systematc Fracture Analysis Using High-Resolution Imagery:  Examples from the Hudson Highlands and the Lake Ontario Shore, New York
  • Valentino, David, 2008. Diachronous Taconian Ductile Deformation and Metamorphism in the Wetsern Piedmont of Pennsylvania
  • Tomascak, Paul, 2008. Isotopic Heterogeneity and Potential Variable ources of Granitic Rocks of the Sebago Migmatite Domain, Southern Maine
  • Peterson, Robert, 2008. Domains of L-S and L>S Tectonite and Evidence for Sinistral Shear in the Piseco Lake Zone, Southern Adirondacks, New York


  • Mantaro, Noah, 2007. Magnetic Modeling of the Snowy Mountain Dome and the Indian Lake Fault Zone.
  • Valentino, Joshua, 2007. Mapping the Surface Water-Groundwater Interaction in Glacial Till:  Electrical Resitivity in my Backyard
  • Tomascak, Paul, 2007. The Plutonic record of the Late Paleozoic in Maine
  • Tomascak, Paul, 2007. Structural, textural and Petrographic Variations in Rocks on Bruce Hill, Eastern Sebago Migmatite Domain, Southern Maine
  • Valentino, David, 2007. Late-Grenville dextral Transcurrent Tectonics in the Central Appalachians


  • Hoover, Kelli, 2006.  Assessing the Architecture of a Drumlin with the use of Electrical Resistivity Techniques, Oswego, New York
  • Reitz, Kevin, 2006.  Structural Analysis of a Ductile Shear Zone at Wellesley Island, Thousand Islands, New York
  • Valentino, David, 2006. Chemical Homogenization During Retrograde Slate Formation.
  • Eugene, Kush, 2006. The Indian Lake Fault Zone and Snowy Mountain Dome, Central Adirondack Mountains, New York.
  • Tomascak, Paul, 2006. Petrogenesis of the Lincoln Syenite, Maine:  Evidence for Late Silurian-Early Devonian Melting of a Source Region Modified by Subduction Driven Metasomatism
  • Summerhays, Kate, 2006. Stratigraphic and Petrologic Examination of Metasedimentary Rocks at Chimney Mountain, New York.


  • Valentino, David, 2005. Post-to Late-Ottawan Retrogression Associated with East-West Extension in the Southern Adirondacks, New York
  • Vanczel, Rob, 2005. Monitoring Shoreline Response to Level Variations:  Eastern Lake Ontario Shoreline
  • Piaschyk, Damian, 2005. Variations in L-and S- Tectonites Within the Piseco Lake Ductile Shear Zone, Adirondacks Mountains, New York
  • Valentino, David, 2005. Detailed Three-Dimensional Mapping of Variations in Mineral COntent and Texture in Metagabbro, Hooper Garnet Mine, Southeastern Adirondacks, New York


  • Stilwell, Sabrina, 2004. Fracture Analysis Along the Southern Shore of Lake Ontario in the Oswego Formation, Oswego County, New York
  • Meighan, Hallie, 2004. Slumping and Erosion of the LAake Ontario Shore Line at Sterling Nature Canter, Cayuga County, New York
  • Piaschyk, Damian, 2004. Meso- and Mega- Scale Variation in L-S fabrics int eh Piseco Lake Shear Zone, Western Adirondack Mountains, New York
  • Bauer, Mark, 2004. Metamorphic Petrology and Unit Distribution in the Oliver Hill Dome, Eastern Adirondack  Mountains, New York
  • Freyer, Paul, 2004. Structural Analysis of a Normal Ductile Shear Zone at Speculator Mountain, Central Adirondacks, New York
  • Smith, Nathan, 2004. Distribution of L- and L-S Tectonite in the Oliver Hill Dome, Eastern Adirondack Mountains, New York
  • Andrews, Joseph, 2004. Geologic Map of Middle Ordovician Carbonate Formations in Northwest Lewis and Parts of Southeast Jefferson Counties, New York


  • Price, Rachel, 2003. Greenschist Facies Metamorphism Associated with the Piseco Lake Shear Zone, Central Adirondacks, New York
  • Valentino, David, 2003. Formation of the Peach bottom Slate by Dynamic Retrograde Metamorphism, Pennsylvania
  • Valentino, David, 2003. The Southern Adirondack Shear Zone System:  Proterozoic (Grenville) Progressive Strain Partitioning
  • Freyer, Paul, 2003. Deformation Spanning High- to Low-Grade in the Piseco Lake Shear Zone, Speculator, New York​