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Scott Steiger

Associate Professor, Meteorology
Director LESPaRC


366 Shineman

Office hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-11am
And by appointment

My professional interests are in anything weather, but especially in teaching about snow and thunderstorms. I get to experience both as I live in Oswego (near the snowiest place east of the Rockies - the Tug Hill) and storm chase with students in the spring in the Great Plains of the United States!


Ontario Winter Lake-effect Systems (2013-2017). The OWLeS project examines the formation mechanisms, cloud microphysics, boundary layer processes and dynamics of lake-effect systems (LeS) at unprecedented detail using X-band and S-band dual-polarization (dual-pol) radars, an aircraft instrumented with particle probes and profiling cloud radar and lidar, a mobile integrated sounding system, a network of radiosondes, and a surface network of snow characterization instruments. Learn more

Specialty areas:

  • atmospheric electricity/lightning
  • radar meteorology
  • convective storms
  • weather forecasting


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Ph.D., Texas A&M University
MS, Texas A&M University
BS, SUNY Oswego