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Faculty profile

J. Graham Bradley

Assistant Professor, Geology


260 Shineman

Office hours

Monday 9-10 am, Wednesday 3-4 pm
or by appointment

Engineering Geologist and Hydrogeologist, Golder Associates Ltd., Nottingham, UK, 1990 to 2001 – radioactive waste disposal, conventional and radioactive contaminated sites, landfill, water resources, mine water control, slope stability.

Senior Hydrogeologist, Golder Associated Ltd., Vancouver, Canada, 2001 to 2007 – contaminated site characterization and remediation, mine water supply and control.


My doctoral research was on the landscape evolution and hydrogeology of south-west Uganda. It incorporated a broad range of techniques including apatite fission track analysis, electrical resistivity tomography, and pumping test analysis. I am currently planning further research on groundwater resources and geomorphology in Uganda, and developing new areas of research in related fields in the USA. I seek to involve students in all areas of my current research.


Ph.D., Geoscience, University College London, England, 2012
MSc, Engineering Geology, University of Leeds, England, 1990
BS, (Hons) Joint Geology and Geography, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 1989

Classes taught

  • GEO 430 Hydrogeology
  • GEO 390 Engineering Geology
  • GEO 450 Geomorphology
  • GEO 115 Environmental Sustainability
  • GEO 101 Physical Geology Laboratory