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Adjunct faculty

Lisa Benzing
35B Lanigan
(315) 312-2855
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 318/418/500, Sec. 500-MW-6:00-9:00 pm-36 Lanigan
Office Hours
- or by appointment 
Seeley Cardone
224 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 105, Sec. 520-Design Concepts I-2D-TR-6:00-9:00 pm-102 Tyler Hall
Art 339, Sec. 500-Art Therapy Principles-TR-3:55-5:15 pm-208 Tyler Hall
Office Hours Tues/Thurs 3:00-4:00 pm or by appointment 

Jason Cheney
218 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3188
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 210, Sec. 52F-Drawing I-TR-6:00-9:00 pm-206 Tyler Hall
Art 210, Sec. 530-Drawing I-TR-2:20-5:15 pm-206 Tyler Hall
Office Hours - Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 pm-6:00 pm or by appointment

William DeMott
218 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 102, Sec. 520-TTMM Studio Art Non-Majors-MW-5:30-7:30 pm-102 Tyler Hall
Art 105, Sec. 500-Design Concepts I-2D-MW-2:00-5:00 pm-102 Tyler Hall
Office Hours - Monday 1:00-1:40 pm or by appointment

Steven Ginsburg
Woodshop Technician 
35C Hewitt Union
Fall 2016 Courses
No Classes this semester

Alesha Hall
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 100, Sec. ON1-Intro to the Visual Arts-ONLINE
Art 103, Sec. ON1-TEMM: Intro to Digital Media-ONLINE
Office Hours Online by appointment

Marissa Hill
224 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 220/320/515, Sec. 530-Watercolor Painting I/Watercolor II/Grad Watercolor-205 Tyler Hall
Office Hours- Tuesday 5:00 pm-6:00 pm or by appointment 

Elizabeth Hunt
224 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-  or (315) 312-5624
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 207, Sec 500-Digital Media-Static-MWF-9:10-11:15 am-217 Tyler Hall
Art 207, Sec. 520-Digital Media-Static-MWF-11:15-1:35 pm-217 Tyler Hall
Art 311, Sec. 800-Transfer Student Colloquim-W-5:15-6:45 pm-104 Lanigan
Office Hours
-  Wednesday 4:00-5:00 pm or by appointment 

Kimberly Kittleson
35B Lanigan Hall
(315) 312-
Fall 2016 Courses
CMA 201, Sec. 800-Graphic Design Essentials-TR-6:00-8:00 pm-34 Lanigan
Office Hours
- Tues/Thurs 5:30-6:00 pm or by appointment 

Walter Langlois
222 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3241
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 100, Sec. 500-Intro to the Visual Arts-MW-5:00-6:25 pm-107 Lanigan 
Art 250, Sec. 800-West Hert I-Survy Art I-MW-3:00-4:25 pm-107 Lanigan 
Office Hours
- Mon 2:15-3:00 pm (222 Tyler); Weds 2:15-3:00 pm (Lake Effect Cafe) 

Justin Mastrangelo
218 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 209, Sec. 500-Typography-MW-2:00-5:00 pm-217 Tyler Hall
Art 209, Sec. 800-Typography-MW-6:00-9:00 pm-217 Tyler Hall
Art 326/425/525, Sec. 510-Screen Printing/Adv Prob in Printmaking/Grad Printmaking:Screen Printing-MW-9:10-12:25 pm-1A Hewitt Union
Office Hours- Mon/Weds 12:30-1:00 pm pm or by appointment

Mary Pierce
24G Hewitt Union
224 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3242
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 105, Sec. 530-Design Concepts I-2D-TR-2:20-5:15 pm-102 Tyler Hall
Art 105, Sec. 5MF-Design Concepts I-2D-TR-9:35-12:30 pm-102 Tyler Hall
Art 225/325/525, Sec. 50-Intro to Printmaking/Printmaking-Intaglio/Grad Printmaking-MW-2:00-5:00 pm-1A Hewitt Union
Office Hours - Tues/Thurs 1:00-2:00 (224 Tyler) pm or by appointment

Russell Prigodich
24G Hewitt Union
Fall 2016 Courses

Art 100, Sec. 800-Intro to the Visual Arts-TR-9:35-10:55 am-104 Lanigan
Art 106-Sec. 500-Design Concepts II-3D-MW-9:10-12:25 pm-7A Hewitt Union
Office Hours- Tues 11:15-12:15 pm; Weds 12:35-1:35 pm

Joseph Mario Romano
218 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 210, Sec. 500-Drawing I-MW-2:00-5:00 pm-206 Tyler Hall
Art 215, Sec. 800-Painting I-MW-6:00-9:00 pm-205 Tyler Hall
Office Hours - Mon/Wed 12:00-2:00 pm or by appointment

Jenilee Ward
36 Lanigan Hall
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 395, Sec. 500-Graphic Design Facility Manage-F-2:00-5:00 pm-34 Lanigan
Office Hours -  or by appointment