Students in the following academic majors/programs, who are entering SUNY Oswego as first-year students in the fall 2017 semester, have been selected to participate in the O-TEAM pilot program:

  • Communication and Social Interaction
  • Creative Writing
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Graphic Design
  • Physics
  • Public Justice
  • Public Relations
  • Studio Art

For students seeking advisement assistance, who are not participants in the O-TEAM program, visit SUNY Oswego's Advisement Guide web page.

Your O-TEAM members

Your O-TEAM consists of your Professional Advisor, Faculty Mentor, Career Services Coach and Librarian. Each member can assist you in having a successful academic experience at SUNY Oswego.

Communication and Social Interaction

Professional Advisor: Kayle Light-Curtin
Faculty Mentor: Christine Courtade Hirsch
Career Services: Mallory Bower
Librarian: Karen Shockey

Creative Writing

Professional advisor: Kayle Light-Curtin
Faculty Mentor: Donna Steiner
Career Services: Jenny Roxas
Librarian: Sharona Ginsberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professional advisor: Kayle Light-Curtin
Faculty Mentor: Mario Bkassiny, Sunguen Kim
Career Services: Mallory Bower
Librarian: Juan Denzer

Graphic Design

Professional advisor: Kayle Light-Curtin
Faculty Mentor: Cara Thompson
Career Services: Jenny Roxas
Librarian: Morgan Bond


Professional Advisor: Kayle Light-Curtin
Faculty Mentor: Shashi Kanbur
Career Services: Mallory Bower
Librarian: Chris Hebblethwaite

Public Justice

Professional advisor: Kayle Light-Curtin
Faculty Mentor: Jaclyn Schildkraut
Career Services: Jacqueline Wallace
Librarian: Karen Shockey

Public Relations

Professional advisor: Kayle Light-Curtin
Faculty Mentor: Christine Courtade Hirsch
Career Services: Mallory Bower
Librarian: Karen Shockey

Studio Art

Professional advisor: Kayle Light-Curtin
Faculty Mentor: Richard Metzgar
Career Services: Jenny Roxas
Librarian: Morgan Bond

What you can expect from...

Your Professional Advisor
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in and concern for your success by helping you develop realistic educational goals.
  • I will take the time to get to know you and be conscious of your needs/wants.
  • Be accessible and responsive to your needs (within reason).
  • Be prepared for and devote attention to your advising appointments.
  • Be knowledgeable about SUNY Oswego’s policies/procedures and all academic requirements related to graduation, General Education, majors and minors.
  • Assist you in academic planning by explaining information about the major, General Education minor/area of concentration and other degree requirements.
  • Teach you to be aware of prerequisites, course sequencing, appropriate course loads and where to locate information about course content.
  • Assist you in developing decision-making skills, encourage you to take responsibility and help you ‘bounce back’ if the need arises.
  • Be knowledgeable of campus resources/support services available to you and make appropriate referrals when needed.
  • Encourage student participation in student organizations.
  • Be present and visible on campus and most of all, be someone you can count on.
Your Faculty Mentor
  • Guidance navigating program specific courses
  • Serve as subject-matter expert
  • A person in your field to Introduce you to the discipline, curriculum, and student clubs associated with the department
  • Assistance in selection of courses, course sequencing, and academic planning
  • Provide an Introduction to professional development and experiential opportunities
  • Offer advice about life after Oswego (Graduate school, job opportunities etc.)
  • Support in preparing for an internship, Co-Op and professional experiences.
  • Host events for your cohort to help you learn more about your field of study
  • Help provide opportunities for development of self-advocacy skills
Your Career Coach

We will work with you to ensure that you KNOW you are on the right track, understand what your career options are, make informed decisions about getting experience, and prepare to successfully compete for the career you are meant to have.  

We can provide guidance on:

  • Matching your personality, interests and strengths to appropriate majors and career fields
  • Utilizing on and off-line resources to help you explore potential career fields

  • Developing strategies to get experience and build your skill set

  • Building a network of professionals and connecting with alumni 

  • Maximizing your online presence and getting the most from your LinkedIn account

  • Creating documents you’ll need to apply for positions (resumes, cover letters, etc.)

  • Articulating your skills and experience through mock interviews, career fairs, etiquette dinners, recruitment events and and networking programs


Your Librarian

What you can expect from your Librarian:

  • A friendly contact in the library.

  • Help when you don’t know where to start your research, or when you become stuck while doing your research.

  • Assistance with your research assignments

    • Understanding assignment requirements (types of sources needed, what is peer review? etc...)

    • Identifying best sources

    • Locating information quickly

    • Preparing to present your work/research

    • Citing your sources

  • Discussing opportunities to share your work/research by:

    • Presenting at events like Quest, SUNY Oswego’s symposium of student scholarship and creativity held every April.

    • Publishing your work in Oswego Digital Library.

  • Periodic notices and timely reminders about:

    • new resources and programs

    • building updates such as extended Library hours during finals week.

  • Answering your questions about Library policies, procedures and services, such as interlibrary loan, and borrowing technology.

  • Answering questions when you’re away from campus (on break or studying abroad).