Pass/Fail FAQ

Faculty will still assign a normal letter grade (A-E) at the end of the semester. Students will have the option to change the posted grade to a P/F for a maximum of two classes. Academic programs will be communicating with their majors/minors regarding how this temporary policy change should be considered in relation to program requirements.

Taking a course as a P/F option may have implications on your future goals relating to graduate school, employment, etc. As such, it is extremely important that students make this decision with all the relevant information.

If you are considering taking one or two of your courses as a P/F option, please contact your academic advisor and discuss in order to fully understand the implications.


When do I have to make a decision on pass/fail for my classes?

The P/F grading option will be available to students enrolled in all undergraduate courses for Spring 2021. Students will have until Wednesday May 26, 2021 to choose pass/fail. 


What classes can I choose pass/fail for?
  • Any "All College Elective" where the course does not satisfy a specific requirement in the student's degree program may be taken Pass/Fail;
  • Any specific requirement where satisfactory completion only requires passing (D- or better) may be taken P/F; this includes courses that satisfy General Education and courses in certain majors/minors where C- is not required for the course;
  • Courses where achieving a C- or better is required for the student's degree program may not be taken Pass/Fail.
  • If the student changes their major in the future to one where any course they received a P in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021 requires a C- or better, we will revert to the grade awarded when the course was taken.
  • Faculty for various programs where C- is required for some or all of the courses in the program are currently considering waiver of the C- requirement. If the waiver takes place, then P/F becomes possible for the student in those majors or minors. A List of these waivers will become available soon.
  • Students who violate the Academic Integrity Policy will not have the option to opt for a P/F grade in that course.
How do I know which classes I can choose pass/fail for?
  • You should work closely with your advisor to determine which classes you can choose pass/fail for and which ones you should not.
  • You can find your advisor's contact information on the Student Profile, Degree Audit, or in the Oswego Mobile app.
How do I choose pass/fail for my classes?

A temporary form to select the P/F option for a class in the Spring 2021 semester is available by logging into MyOswego and clicking on the Registration tab. 

Do I have to choose pass/fail for all my classes or can I select certain courses?

You can choose what courses you would like to designate as Pass/Fail. You are not required to make all of your courses Pass/Fail. Please work with your advisor on this decision.

Can I withdraw from a class instead of choosing pass/fail?

No, the course withdrawal date is April 12, 2021. 

Will I be eligible for the President’s and Dean’s lists if I choose pass/fail?

Students will not be eligible for President's and Dean's lists if they have too many P/F grades. Current policy requires that students must have a minimum of twelve (12) graded credits to be eligible for President's or Dean's lists. We will maintain this current policy.

Will a pass/fail class count for meeting a prerequisite?

Yes, the prerequisite will count, and the student can move on. However, if you are not successful and/or confident with the material in the course you should consider repeating the class. Please work with your advisor on this matter.

Financial Aid and Scholarships Impacts

Will my SUNY Oswego Scholarship be implicated if I choose pass/fail?

Although we don’t expect that the SUNY Oswego scholarships will be affected by P/F grades during the Spring 2021 semester, students should always contact the office in charge of the scholarship to fully understand the impact.

Are there financial aid implications for choosing pass/fail?

Based on guidance from Student Accounts and Financial Aid, there is no issue when a P grade is awarded as long the course satisfies a requirement, such as allowing progress toward completing 120 credits required for graduation.

GPA and Academic Standing Implications

Can I still Disqualify after Spring 2021?

Yes. Your academic standing will state Academic Disqualification, but you will still be able to appeal the decision through the Dean's officePlease see the DQ website for more information.

If I’m on Academic Probation for this semester what will happen?
  • If you have a successful semester (term GPA of 2.0) and your cumulative GPA goes above 2.0, you will be moved to Good Standing.
  • If you do not have a successful semester (term GPA of 2.0) then your status will remain as Academic Probation for the Fall and you can return to campus. 
  • It is advised to continue to work with your Academic Probation Advisor through your success plan.