The Oswego Team for Effective Advising and Mentoring (O-TEAM) is a 2-year pilot advisement program, beginning in fall 2017, for new incoming (freshmen) students. Students in select majors/academic programs will be assigned to an advisement support team that will help guide them toward academic success.


Our overarching goal is to improve retention and student success. A professional advisor will lead a team of faculty mentors, librarians, career services representatives, resident assistants and financial aid contacts who will work with students to collaboratively create academic plans; communicate about course selection and registration questions/challenges; problem solve; and provide opportunities for the development of self-advocacy skills.

The following academic majors/programs were selected to be a part of the 2-year O-TEAM pilot program:

O-TEAM advising goals 

  1. Guide students towards information, resources and opportunities (both in and out of class) to help them reach academic success and develop a path to career goals, and collaborate to construct an effective path for their academic journey.
  2. Academic advisement will be recognized and rewarded as an integral educational process.
  3. Advisors and mentors will consider the cultural backgrounds and socioeconomic status of students to recognize the impact of short-term decisions on long-term goals.
  4. Advisors and mentors will be available to assist students in the decision-making process.
  5. Ensure advisors, mentors and students understand their roles in the advisement mission and are knowledgeable about institutional policies and procedures.
  6. Assist students in shifting towards independence and self-advocacy.
  7. Implement an assessment to review advisement activities.


Kayle Light-Curtin
Professional Advisor
319 Mahar Hall