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Academic Probation Procedures

Academic Probation Policy

Academic Probation is an Academic Standing Category that allows students who have an unsuccessful semester to remain at SUNY Oswego and work towards returning to good academic standing.  Please review The Academic Probation Policy in the undergraduate catalog for the comprehensive official policy, criteria, and information.

Success Plan Requirement

Students who are on Academic Probation will have the opportunity to return to good academic standing by creating and following an Academic Success Plan with an identified Academic Probation Advisor.  A Student who does not create and follow a success plan and does not return to good standing by the end of the semester will be automatically Academically Disqualified.  

Students will be placed on Academic Probation if they are:

  1. A new student who does not have a successful semester,
  2. A continuing student with a previous unsuccessful semester who does not have a successful semester, OR
  3. Any student whose overall GPA falls below 2.0

A successful semester consists of:

  • Semester GPA is above 2.0
  • Student has received (A through D-, P, S, H, or IP) in 12 credits for the semester when full-time

Procedures for returning to good academic standing:

  1. Complete the self evaluation that will be sent to your Oswego email account
  2. Develop a success with the assigned Academic Probation Advisor
  3. Must meet all required elements of the plan
  4. Have a successful semester (see above)
  5. Achieve a cumulative GPA above 2.0

Remaining on Academic Probation

If a student has a successful semester but their cumulative GPA is not a 2.0 or higher, they may remain on Academic Probation if they have followed their Academic Success Plan.