General Advisement

Advisor Assignments
Incoming first year students are assigned a first-year advisor from his or her major or in a closely related department. First Year Advisors are specially trained to work assist students with the transition from high school to college by meeting five times throughout the first year.

Incoming Transfer Students and continuing students who declare a major or minor in a department are assigned advisors by the Advisement Coordinator.

A personal identification number (PIN) for registration is assigned to incoming First Year Students and Juniors in order to ensure that students meet with their advisors at critical times during their academic careers. 

Declaration or change of major
The principal academic components of SUNY Oswego are the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Education, and the School of Communication, Media and the Arts.  

A student who wants to transfer from one college or school to another, or to another curriculum within a college or school, must request a Declaration/Change of Major/Minor through the Student Records link on myOswego.  They will then need to contact the Advisement Coordinator of that area.   Career Services, in the Compass (145 Campus Center) assigns advisors to all undeclared students and offers additional support to all students on major and career exploration. A number of colleges and departments also have advisement centers, including the School of Business (BASAC)Curriculum and InstructionPsychology and Public Justice. These offices offer a variety of services for students.Note that transfers to certain programs may be restricted due to the large student demand for these programs.

Transfer from a college or school is normally prohibited if the student's cumulative GPA is below 2.0. The undergraduate degree program of any full-time matriculated student is expected to be completed in eight marking periods. A program must be completed within a maximum of 12 marking periods of full-time enrollment. Full-time enrollment is defined as any marking period in which the student registers for 12 or more credit hours.

Major programs
The college maintains a list of academic majors and minors to help students make their decisions. 

Degree Works
DegreeWorks is the primary tool for assessing and tracking progress toward degree completion at SUNY Oswego.