Degree Requirements

All College Requirements

122-128 Total Credits
42 Upper Division Credits
30-33 General Education Credits

  • Natural science: 3 credits
  • Writing (basic communication): 3 credits
  • Mathematics: 3 credits
  • Foreign language: 0-6 credits
  • World Awareness:  3 credits
  • Student choice: 15 credits
  • Must select four categories from natural sciences,social and behavioral sciences, American history, Western civilization, humanities, fine and performing arts and world awareness.
  • Elective 0-3 credits 

SUNY Oswego's General Education Program
General Education Checklist
Approved General Education courses at Oswego
SUNY-wide approved General Education courses.

You can find general graduation requirements, as well as requirements for majors and minors, in the college catalog. You should discuss your specific graduation requirements with your advisor.

For a thorough breakdown of requirements in a major, refer to summary of graduation requirements.
DegreeWorks reports can be used to help determine if all requirements have been met.
Read more about applying for graduation.


  • There are credit-hour limitations on internships, independent studies and practica.
  • Max 100/101 or repeated courses do not count toward the 122 hours.
  • Bachelor of art degree students: There is a maximum of 54 hours allowed in the major, based on course subject. For example, a student with 60 hours in the major (six more than allowed) needs to earn at least 128 total hours (six hours over the minimum 122 required).