EOP: Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program provides access to higher education for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who possess the potential to succeed in college but whose academic preparation in high school may otherwise prevent them from receiving admission.

EOP provides an array of educational support services and opportunities, including modest funding to alleviate non-tuition costs (such as books and supplies), academic planning counselors and campus-wide tutoring.

EOP is not a financial aid program.


For detailed information about EOP eligibility and income eligibility guidelines, visit the SUNY website.

First Year students
To be eligible to participate in EOP, you must:

If you were enrolled in EOP, HEOP, College Discovery, SEEK or similar type program at a previous institution, you are eligible for EOP at SUNY Oswego. The admissions office will verify your status with your prior college.

If you’ve attended an institution that does not offer EOP or similar programs, contact the Office of Admissions regarding eligibility requirements.

Apply now

Step 1. Apply online

Choose just one option to apply to Oswego. Both applications require a non-refundable $50 fee, and a teacher/counselor evaluation. The SUNY application requires applicants to to fill out the SUNY supplement that includes a 250-word essay, the Common Application also requires a 250-word personal essay.

Step 2. Submit transcripts

Submit your official high school transcripts, official transcript of GED/TASC scores.

Step 3. Report ACT and/or SAT scores

SUNY Oswego will render admission decisions using self-reported ACT or SAT scores. Students may self-report via the CommonApp or the SUNY Supplement (if you applied using the SUNY Application). Scores sent directly to Oswego on an official high school transcript, or via the College Board or ACT are considered official. (Students with a GED or taking the TASC exam may not be required to submit SAT or ACT scores.)  Note that official scores will be required of students who enroll, and must match self-reported scores. Discrepancies can lead to revocation of admission and/or scholarship.

Oswego codes:
ACT code: 2942
SAT code: 2543

Step 4. Submit a recommendation letter

Submit a recommendation letter or a form allowing for individual comments from a school-based counselor or teacher.

Step 5. Submit EOP Financial Information Form

SUNY Application
You will be directed to the form by the SUNY Application Services Center (ASC) when you apply. Mail in the form with required income documentation to the SUNY Application Services Center in Albany.

Common Application
You will be directed by the SUNY Oswego Office of Admissions where to download the form from our website. Submit the form with required income documentation directly to the Oswego Office of Admissions. 

Step 6: Check application status

Once your application is received by SUNY Oswego, you will receive an email containing a user ID and PIN to access the application status checker to see what information we've received and what is still needed. Learn more

Applicants may be required to submit additional information or senior year grades when necessary.

Summer program

First year students admitted to SUNY Oswego through EOP are required to attend a mandatory four-week summer program in July prior to the start of the fall semester. Transfers do not need to attend.

Enrollment at Oswego is contingent upon successful completion of this program. For additional information and questions about the summer program, contact the EOP Office at 315.312.3094 or email eop@oswego.edu.

Find more details on our EOP site