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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

List of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences majors

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Social & Behavioral Sciences (00:39:31)

Dr. Kristin Croyle, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences presents
This session focuses on Social and Behavioral Sciences. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers strong degree programs in traditional fields of inquiry across the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences encompasses 37 majors, 44 minors, 3 cooperative degree programs, honors programs, and several special-interest tracks.

School of Business

List of School of Business majors

Accounting - 5-year Bachelor’s and Master’s (00:48:24)
Business Administration (00:56:03)
Finance (00:20:24)
Human Resource Management (00:52:24)
Marketing (01:14:23)
Operations Management and Information Systems (00:16:43)
Risk Management and Insurance (00:22:50)

School of Education

List of School of Education majors

School of Education: Dean’s Overview (01:23:28)

Dr. Kristen Munger, Associate Dean, School of Education presents
The faculty of the School of Education — in the legacy of SUNY Oswego’s founder Edward Austin Sheldon — work and partner to support and promote extraordinary educators and learners. Building on the wisdom of the past, the realities of the present and the promise of the future, our innovative educational programs prepare you to continually strive for personal growth and become socially-conscious catalysts for change.

Health Promotion and Wellness (00:16:54)
Technology Education (00:33:59)

School of Communication, Media and the Arts

List of School of Communication, Media and the Arts majors

School of Communication, Media and the Arts: Dean’s Overview (00:11:37)

Dr. Julie Pretzat-Merchant, Dean, Dr. Jennifer Knapp, Associate Dean, and faculty of the School of Communication, Media and Arts present
The School of Communication, Media and the Arts (SCMA) — uniting the departments of art, music, theatre and communication studies — provides you with the knowledge and experiences to pursue successful careers and rich interpersonal relationships. We offer a range of majors and minors, hands-on learning opportunities and flexibility to attain your goals.

Art: Graphic Design (00:20:33)
Art: Graphic Design: Interaction Design Focus (00:19:14)
Art: Illustration (00:20:35)
Art: Photography (00:20:22)
Communication Studies (00:19:06)
Communication Studies: Journalism (00:19:36)
Communication Studies: Public Relations (00:22:16)
Music: Music and Recording (01:32:43)
Theatre: Department Overview (00:08:42)
Theatre: Acting and Directing (00:15:35)
Theatre: The Magic of Lighting Design (00:11:04)

Campus Support Services

Accessibility Resources (00:04:54)
Career Services (00:57:31)
Experiential Courses and Engaged Learning (EXCEL) (00:31:41)
Fitness Centers (00:49:07)
International Education and Programs (00:07:14)

Student Sessions

Student Panel

Current students share their journey and answer your questions about life as a Laker.

Alumni Spotlight Sessions

Alumni share how Oswego helped propel them into their careers. Hear first-hand how faculty expertise and exceptional student support services impact real Lakers.

ABCs of Zoology (00:58:00)
From Queens, NY to Nebraska — My Career as a Broadcaster (00:43:32)
Good Education (00:53:01)
Politics in the Treasure State (00:50:01)
Risky Business (00:25:41)

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