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Laker NetID Activation

To activate your SUNY Oswego E-mail Account, you must first agree to the "Rules Governing Computer Usage" outlined below. Please read the rules and then click on the Agree or Disagree button at the bottom of this page.

Rules Governing Computer Usage at SUNY Oswego

As a user of SUNY Oswego's Computer and Network services there are certain rules, regulations and network etiquette which you must observe. This document is to inform users of these regulations and functions as an overview of the general rules for usage and conduct. This document is NOT a complete list of potential problem areas. Computer accounts and network access is provided to students, faculty and staff of SUNY Oswego as a privilege. Therefore, computer accounts and network access may be suspended or revoked if these rules are violated.

  1. Computer accounts and network access is provided for exclusive use by an individual or a group of individuals specified by SUNY Oswego. Providing other individuals or groups access to your account or use of the campus network is not allowed.
  2. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to any account, file or network which is not specifically provided for your use, including those systems not operated by SUNY Oswego is forbidden and WILL result in immediate revocation of ALL accounts and network access provided for your use by SUNY Oswego.
  3. Attempts to circumvent restrictions placed on your account or network access are forbidden.
  4. The running of server or daemon processes on the campus time sharing systems is not allowed unless given prior written authorization from the campus computer center(s). Users who administer computers on the campus network that are used as servers have the additional responsibility to respond to any use of their server that is in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy.
  5. Computer services or network access at SUNY Oswego are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes other than those that are involved in the running of the college.
  6. Non-college related uses of computer services and network access that result in a negative impact on college related uses are not allowed and will be terminated.
  7. Campus network services, equipment, wiring or jacks may not be altered, removed or extended beyond the location of their intended use.
  8. SUNY Oswego-specific or commercially obtained network resources may not be retransmitted outside of the SUNY Oswego community. Examples include, but are NOT limited to: the IT newsgroups, databases licensed by Penfield Library, CBT Courses and campus licensed anti-virus software.
  9. The campus network is a shared resource. Excessive use of the network resources which inhibits or interferes with the use of the network by others is not permitted.
  10. College units and individuals who configure computing systems to provide information retrieval services to the public at large must do so in a manner consistent with the college mission. For any such services provided through the campus network the college name must not be used in ways that suggest or imply endorsement of other organizations, their products or services.
  11. Campus network resources may not be used to defame, harass, intimidate or threaten. College harassment policies cover all uses of the campus network and computer resources, including e-mail correspondence and newsgroups.
  12. Use of SUNY Oswego's computer services or network access for ILLEGAL purposes are expressly forbidden. Violations of any of the rules and regulations listed above can result in the suspension and/or revocation of any and/or all computer accounts and network access provided to you by SUNY Oswego. Violations of campus regulations or local, state and federal law will be referred to the appropriate authorities.
  13. SUNY Oswego reserves the right to inspect any information or data residing on any of its systems whenever it is deemed necessary. All information, including personal information, placed on campus systems or sent over the campus network may be monitored. Use of SUNY Oswego's computer and network systems, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring of these systems