This is a list of vendors utilized by SUNY Oswego, and their associated Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or accessibility statements.

Vendor Name

VPAT version #

Adirondack Solutions
AIMS Parking Mgmt Software NA
Antech Systems, Inc. NA
Blackboard, Inc. NA
Campus Labs Version 2.1
Class Apps LLC NA
Digital Architecture Version 1.3
Domains by Proxy
Ellucian Co., L.P. - Banner NA
Ellucian Co., L.P. - DegreeWorks NA
EMS Web App Version 2.0 Beta 2
EMS Master Calendar Version 2.0
Formstack 2.0 Beta 2
Google NA
Hirezon Corporation
IMLeagues version 1.3
iModules Software, Inc. 59.7 release
Mal's Ecommerce NA
Merit NA
Redrock Software Corporation NA
Service Now NA
SIDEARM Sports Version 2.0
Sona Systems, Ltd. NA
Springshare NA
ThinkOptimal NA
TMA Systems NA
Univeristy Tickets NA