Other accessibility services

For physical accommodations, or other accessibility services not specifically covered in these pages, please view the list below. Choose the option that best matches your needs to help direct you to the correct person or department to contact. 

Make materials accessible


  • See our tutorial page for step by step instructions on how to create accessible materials, such as word documents, presentations and PDFs.

CELT office: 

  • CELT (Center for Learning in Excellence and Teaching) helps cultivate a culture of reflective teaching practice and continuing growth that results in meaningful student learning.
Dietary restrictions

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If you are attending a campus event:

Tech support

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Report an accessibility issue

For website accessibility errors:

  • Please fill out this form to alert us. 

Reporting discrimination:

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Assistive technologies

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For a list of licensed software available:

Attend an event

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Plan an event

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Talk with someone!

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