Compliance and Compatibility

Web Page Compliance

All “official” and “authorized” pages must be accessible.

  • Official pages include:

    • home page

    • Subsidiary pages related to the mission of SUNY Oswego

      • Catalog

      • Schedules

      • Institutional policies, etc.

  • Authorized pages include:

    • Endorsement of a specific division, department or other unit that publishes and maintains pages

    • Pages that are linked to the official campus pages

Currently, personal pages are exempt, unless they are being used in support of coursework or as authorized pages (as defined above). It is recommended as a matter of usability that personal pages also be made accessible.

All sites, services and pages from third-party vendors must also be accessible to W3C standards. (link to pages/section)

Checking Compliance

SUNY Oswego recommends multiple methods for our web editors to ensure their content is kept as accessible and compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level AA as possible. Methods that are used for testing include:

  • Automated testing

    • SUNY Oswego uses WebAIM’s WAVE tool and SiteImprove to internally evaluate accessibility of our pages

  • Keyboard control

    • Websites should be navigable via tabbing through links and menus

    • All programs and services must be able to be accessed using only a keyboard

    • Clear focus states are required for all interactive elements

See the Resources and Tutorials section for tools to assist in making materials accessible (link to page/section)

Browser Compatibility

Staff in SUNY Oswego’s Digital Services area, who maintains the main web presence for, recognizes that our users may have various internet browsers and operating systems. We’d like our visitors to have the best, most accessible experience possible using our website. However, we recognize that it is impractical to develop applications that work identically, efficiently and effectively on all web browsers.

As a result, we advise the use of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft® Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox (version 52 or higher)

  • Google Chrome (version 56 or higher)

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Any other modern web browser compatible with HTML5 and CSS3

Our site will work on other browsers and information will be accessible, but the above browsers have the most recent implementation of web specification standards, and therefore will result in the best experience for users.