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Rice Creek Field Station at SUNY Oswego occupies approximately 130 ha (325 acres) of land supporting old growth farm woodlot, second growth forest, brush lots, abandoned orchards, mown fields, conifer plantations, pond, and marsh vegetation situated on the southeast lake plain of Lake Ontario. The site is approximately 2 km (1.25 miles) directly southeast from the lake shore. Most of the second growth vegetation on the property is now nearly forty years old. An herb garden, some ornamental landscape plantings, and an area of mown lawn have been established near the field station's buildings. Some native woodland and wetland plants and a few exotics have been introduced into a wildflower display area.

J. T. Hickey, ("The Flora of the Vascular Plants of the Rice Creek Biological Field Station" (June, 1971) IN: R. I. Shearer (ed) Rice Creek Biological Field Station Bulletin, Vol. 1, no. 2, 1974) listed 344 species of vascular plants from the field station properties. A concerted effort to update and expand upon Hickey's work was begun in 1994. In early 1996 this undertaking was expanded to include the mosses and liverworts. The list given here is current to September 2007. The entries are annotated as follows:

  • d = the species has been positively identified and documented on the property subsequent to September, 1994.
  • s = a voucher specimen has been collected and filed in the field station herbarium.
  • c= the species is cultivated in landscape plantings or in the herb garden (some of these species also grow wild).

The list includes 722 species including 7 liverworts, 29 mosses, 1 clubmoss, 1 horsetail, 15 ferns, 15 conifers, 503 dicots, and 151 monocots.

Identification of Mosses and Liverworts is consistent with:

  • Conard, H. S. and P. L. Redfearn, Jr.1979. How to Know the Mosses and Liverworts (2nd ed.) Wm. C. Brown, Dubuque, Iowa.
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  • Flora of North America Association. 2007.  Flora of North America North of Mexico.  Vol 27, Bryophyta, part 1.  Oxford University Press, New York.

Nomenclature for Bryophytes is based on current citations in Missouri Botanical Garden Index of Mosses.

Identification of Vascular Plants is consistent with:

  • Gleason, H. A. and A. Cronquist. 1991. Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada. The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, New York
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Nomenclature for Vascular Plants is based on:

  • Mitchell, R. S. 2000. Database and Revised Checklist of New York State Plants. Part 1) A Database of New York State Plants. In Microsoft Access™, 3779 entries. Part 2) Mitchell, R. S. & G. C. Tucker, Revised Checklist of New York State Plants, Edition II. In Microsoft Word™, 332 pp. Distributed in CD-ROM format. New York State Museum. Albany, New York
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Update of nomenclature to conform to:

  • Weldy, T. and D. Werier (2005).  New York Flora Atlas. [S.M. Landry, K.N. Campbell, and L.D. Mabe (original application development), Florida Center for Community Design and Research.  University of South Florida].  New York Flora Association.  Albany, New York.  Last Modified 4/18/2006.

and to the Flora of North America is pending.

Additional common names are from:

  • Knobel, E. 1899. The Grasses Sedges and Rushes of the Northern United States. Bradlee Whidden, Boston.
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