Chapter 1: Our Founder
Learn about Edward Austin Sheldon's life, challenges and successes as the man who founded in 1861 what we now call SUNY Oswego, and who launched the Oswego Method that revolutionized education across the globe.

Chapter 2: Spectacular Campus
A brief history of the evolution of SUNY Oswego's campus, its students and its vibrant life.

Chapter 3: Oswego and the World
Over the past 150 years, the institution now known as SUNY Oswego has influenced -- and been influenced by -- world events.

Chapter 4: Laker Lore
This installment in our sesquicentennial video series, "Laker Lore" narrated by Al Roker, probes whether some enduring campus legends are fact or fiction.

Chapter 5: Athletic Spirit
SUNY Oswego alum and SportsCenter anchor Steve Levy '87 narrates the winning story of the college's athletic programs over the years.

Chapter 6: Becoming SUNY Oswego
Benita Zahn '76 narrates "Becoming SUNY Oswego," highlighting the evolution of our rich academic history through the years.

Chapter 7: Student Life
Students' day-to-day lives have changed greatly over 150 years, but the college's friendly nature and dedication to student experiences remain unchanged.

Chapter 8: Our Future
While we celebrate more than 150 years of outstanding accomplishments, the future of SUNY Oswego remains bright.