The Oswegonian in 1940

Then: Launching in 1935, the Oswegonian student newspaper was in its infancy when this photograph was taken. This 1940 image of the Oswegonian (most likely posed) evokes the Hollywood depiction of the old newsroom, complete with a row of typewriters, standing telephone, formal dress and even the fedora on the back shelf. In the decades since, the student newspaper has covered campus expansion, protests, wars, a wide variety of arts and entertainment, student life and the myriad ways the college and world around it have evolved.

The Oswegonian in 2011

Now: The modern version of the Oswegonian retains the sense of a bustling newsroom but comes with state-of-the-art technology. The media outlet received new equipment when moving into its brand new space in the Campus Center, and now connects with readers worldwide with an online version. What hasn't changed is its commitment to covering the campus and community while launching careers among a talented staff.