Student throwing dart at Campus Chest fundraiser

Then: The Community Chest and its offshoot Campus Chest, for many years, constituted a main conduit through which students and other members of the campus community could generate funds to support local causes. The Campus Chest even did a "Sacrifice a Meal" promotion similar to the current "Miss a Meal" fundraiser. This photo from the 1961 Ontarian shows a student playing a dart game to help raise funds for the Campus Chest. The Community Chest fundraising efforts eventually evolved into the effort now known as the United Way.

Filling out chance to win Basket of Caring

Now: The State Employees Federated Appeal/United Way appeal is a major way the campus community supports charities impacting the region, with fundraisers such as Baskets of Caring. Here junior human development major Janelle Stepien casts her vote for a chance to win one of the 21 gift baskets assembled by faculty, staff and students in a fundraiser that generated $2,336. A pair of yoga sessions this Friday and next, and the annual Holiday Skate with the Lakers, from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, are the next in a series of campus United Way fundraisers. For more information, visit the college's SEFA/United Way site. (Photo by Jim Russell)