Normalites put on a play

Photo courtesy of Penfield Library Special Collections, SUNY Oswego

Then: This image dated Feb. 5, 1892, shows Oswego Normal School students preparing to put on a play featuring such stock characters as a clown, jester, fortune-teller, nobility and maidens. Such diversions tended to draw from classic literature and theatre, and often unfolded without any formal backing organization. The informal Dramatics Club evolved into the Blackfriars student theatre club in 1948, and the group has remained active ever since. Subsequent decades saw productions take on a more organized nature, later integrating with the theatre department created in the 1970s, presenting a range of fare directed by faculty or students.

Grease cast image

Now: Oswego's music and theatre departments team up to present the classic musical "Grease," which opened with a Thursday preview and runs the first three weekends of April in Tyler Hall's Waterman Theatre. For more information, visit or call 315-312-2141. While a throwback to the 1950s as setting, "Grease" represents the modern musical in its plot development and integration of songs into the narrative.