Students registering in 1964

Then: Registration for many decades could feel like wandering through a maze, a lengthy and paper-driven process for students and administrators alike. The 1964 registration, shown here, brought the process up to the modern age. Sort of. During the process "students filled out questionnaires for IBM data processing" while "pre-billing and pre-payment of fees speeded registration, with some students able to complete registration in less than an hour," the Palladium-Times reported. (Photo courtesy of Penfield Library's Special Collections)

Registering for classes online

Now: Most registration now takes place online through MyOswego, where students can select courses from thousands of options throughout the academic year. This year's registration forsummer sessions has already begun, with fall semester registration getting under way ... and students likely able to complete the process without leaving their building and in well under an hour. (Tim Nekritz photo)