Park Hall postcard

Then: This old color postcard, courtesy of Penfield Library's Special Collections, shows a shiny new Park Hall -- then the Industrial Arts building when it joined the Normal School building (now known as Sheldon Hall) as the only permanent structures on campus in 1932. In large part thanks to future building namesake Joseph C. Park, Oswego had gained a reputation as one of the finest industrial arts institutions around, and the building allowed space for more students, classsrooms and new equipment.

Modern Park Hall

Now: Present-day Park Hall has aged gracefully, its walls covered with colorful vines but visible details such as the iron window railing and brickwork provide architectural flair. While it is currently closed for renovations, the building has gained many neighbors, including Wilber Hall to which it is connected by a skyway. In 2014, Park will reopen as part of revitalized School of Education facilities. While the former industrial arts program has evolved into technology education, the professors, courses and graduates of the program continue to earn high esteem.