Penfield Library, c. 1962

Then: Shown here in its first year, Penfield Library became the college's first standalone library -- albeit in the building now known as Rich Hall -- 50 years ago this spring. On a windy April 1961 day, a bucket brigade of faculty, students and administrators moved some 32,000 books down the hill from Sheldon Hall (then Old Main) to the new repository. Seven years later, another team assembled to transport the books from what became Rich Hall to the new Penfield Library in the sparkling new Academic Plaza.

Penfield Library, 2011

In 43 years in its current location, Penfield Library has continued to evolve to meet the needs of students as well as changing learning and communication technology. A well-arranged variety of online resources, digitized documents and a laptop-friendly environment represent some of the many modern touches that keep Penfield a vital and popular location. Thanks to private donations, in 2003 Penfield even added the cozy, cosmopolitan Lake Effect Cafe to provide food, beverages and a welcoming third space to members of the campus community. Juniors Corey Gadomski and Jessica Hosie are shown earlier this week in the first-floor new-reading selections lounge.