College Union Board with announcements in 1962

Then: This photo of the College Union Board representing everything happening in residence halls and among student organizations, from the 1962 Ontarian yearbook, shows a major way of communicating campus happenings for much of the 20th century. Items listed include a Phi Sigma Phi Beauty Contest and Float Parade, Symphonic Choir, Jam Session featuring La Modes, CUB's Centennial Costume Ball and Alpha Sigma's Clio Sing during a May Spring Weekend festival in 1961. A half-century ago, students mainly had printed options to get the word out to the campus community.

Students chat in front of digital sign

Now: While students can still use some traditional methods, promotion of events have gone increasingly digital. Digital signage, seen here in the Campus Center (behind Alpha Phi Alpha members Mohamedou Gueye and Gregory Boone), is one of many new ways word of events and activities can reach students, faculty and staff. Student organizations also use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, other websites, email, the print and electronic versions of the Oswegonian, WTOP TV-10, WNYO 88.9 FM and other outlets for publicity. One thing that hasn't changed is the high level of student involvement in keeping the campus active. (Photo by Jim Russell)