Archery Club, 1927

Then: Student clubs and organizations for most of the institution's early existence may have aimed toward recreational activities -- such as the Archery Club, viewed here in 1927 -- the performing arts, academic debate societies or service organizations such as the Community Chest. Given the smaller student body through the first half of the 20th century, fewer offerings existed during this time. (Photo courtesy of Penfield Library's Special Collections)

Asian Student Association at the Student Involvement Fair

Now: These days, SUNY Oswego students can select from any number of more than 160 clubs and organizations. A rise in cultural diversity has produced groups like the Asian Student Association (pictured) celebrating their heritages, while other organizations run the gamut from fraternities and sororities to those for specific majors, artistic endeavors, community service, club sports, student media outlets or hobbyists such as the Story Tellers' Guild or Paintball Club. (Photo by Jim Russell)