alumni in the 1980's doing the chicken dance

Then: When alumni in the 1980s gathered to do the "Chicken Dance" at the Dancing Under the Stars event, about 500 people routinely came back for the annual Reunion Weekend.


Now: Nearly 500 people will crowd the dance floor at Saturday night's Greeks and Friends Social. They will be part of more than 1,000 proud alumni celebrating the college's 150th birthday at the Sesquicentennial Reunion 2011celebration this Friday through Sunday, June 10 to 12. Other popular events at the yearly Reunion are Friday night's "Come As You Were BBQ" and Saturday's Picnic by the Lake and Big Birthday Bash Dinner. Tours of the campus and city, a 5K-run/walk and an 85th anniversary concert sponsored by Delta Kappa Kappa round out the weekend's activities.