Fire gutted the Sheldon Hall auditorium in 1941
A devastating fire gutted the auditorium of the Normal School Building, aka Old Main, in 1941. The building, and the college, would rise from the ashes.

Then-First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt greetings students on the steps of Sheldon Hall

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt stopped on campus to meet with students and other members of the campus community.
A band plays before a sizable gathering in front of Sheldon Hall
A large crowd gathers on the front steps to listen to a musical performance in the 1950s.

Sign for admissions office c. 1950s
A look at a sign to the Admissions Office in the 1950s. The Admissions Office departed the building subsequently but has since returned.


Sheldon Hall with its purgola prominently displayed

An image from the 1950s featuring its prominent purgola (at right), a walkway from the building to the trolley stop. Despite many attempts, the structure did not survive the ravages of time.


Overhead image of Sheldon Hall with Splinter Village behind it 
Overhead view of Sheldon Hall with a background that includes Splinter Village -- former armed forced barracks used to temporarily meet the residential and academic needs of a campus dealing with a post-World War II boom of students through the GI Bill and greater desire for higher education.