Coming together: future

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Greenhouse on side of Shineman Center

The Shineman Center is built to be forward-facing, embracing a future where science and innovation become increasingly important drivers of education and economic progress. Cutting-edge labs and equipment, coupled with dedicated faculty help, provide students hands-on experience preparing them for jobs and postgraduate research opportunities. Campus Technology Services explains some of its advaced features in this post. High-tech features across disciplines include:

Atmospheric and geological sciences: * State-of-the-art microscopy facility for teaching and research * New planetarium and observatory facilities * Integrated teaching and research facilities for meteorological forecasting

Biology: * New greenhouse facility, with aquatic plant capabilities * Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Center * Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Center

Chemistry: * Organic teaching laboratory with chemical fume hood space for each student * Air-sensitive synthetic teaching and research laboratory * New Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility

Computer science/software engineering: * Close proximity of faculty to teaching and student research spaces * Research and teaching space designed for the graduate human-computer interaction program * Flexible small-group teaching and research space

Electrical and computer engineering: * Laboratory spaces for teaching in a problems-based approach with a combined lecture and laboratory * Laboratories for robotics and senior design projects * Facilities for circuit fabrication and manufacturing

Mathematics: * Computational teaching laboratory * Mathematics-education specific classrooms, with flexible and state-of-the-art technological features * Student commons room for student-faculty and student-student interactions

Physics: * Modern physics teaching laboratory adjacent to a nuclear detector research facility * Alternate-energy research and teaching laboratory * Flexible physics teaching laboratories, which can enable studio-based instruction

Beyond that, the building embraces a need to preserve the environment for that fruitful future, with many features underscoring our emphasis on sustainability.