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Atmospheric and geological sciences

Atmospheric and geological sciences at SUNY Oswego encompasses environmental science, geochemistry, geology and meteorology to provide a wide range of unique and practical experiences that result in our graduates successfully finding acceptance to graduate schools and diverse employment after graduation. Students are regularly outside collecting data, making analyses and tackling real-life problems. Learn more

Biological sciences

Biological science students include the major tracks of biology and zoology. Biology BA and BS programs examine living things from plants and animals to bacteria and cyanobacteria to protistans and fungi. Our BA and BS programs in Zoology study animals from the cellular level to the organismal level to the population level. Both programs provide students with intensive research opportunities to concentrate on solutions and future tracks. Learn more


Oswego's chemistry program was the first in SUNY accredited by the American Chemical Society and continues to place in the top three in the number of certified degrees award in New York. State-of-the-art research facilities and award-winning faculty keep this area -- which includes BA, BS and MS degrees in chemistry and a BS in biochemistry -- a vital and in-demand program. Learn more

Computer Science

Our established computer science department collects a wide variety of faculty expertise, student opportunities and cutting-edge programs. In addition to our strong computer science core, our programs include offer the first software engineering degree in the SUNY system and a groundbreaking master's program in human-computer interaction and innovative interdisciplinary programs. Learn more


Oswego recently added electrical and computer engineering to provide innovative educational experiences based on modern and sound teaching methods, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and well-qualified faculty producing highly skilled and qualified engineering professionals. Graduates will gain expertise in high-demand areas including robotics, embedded systems, biomedical instrumentation and modern energy systems. Learn more


Quality teaching with real-world applications add up to students pursuing graduate work, teaching opportunities and immediate employment in statistics and applied fields. We offer a BA in mathematics, BS in applied mathematics, a joint program BS in applied mathematical economics and concentrations for future teachers. Our 15-month master of arts in teaching degree program confers a graduate degree and certification for secondary teaching. Learn more


Our physics program features a wide range of teaching and research equipment for our many opportunities. Undergraduate physics majors assist with original research projects in physics laboratories as part of their instructional program, gaining valuable practical experiences which serve them well after graduation. Undergraduate laboratories include electronics, optics, modern physics and electrical measurements. Learn more