Karen Wolford


Courses Taught Regularly

Introductory level:

Pol/Psy 120 Race and Gender in the United States: Political and Psychological Considerations

Upper division:

Psy 350 Abnormal Psychology

Upper division and graduate courses:

Psy 450/Psy 505 Major Psychiatric Disorders

Psy 450/Psy 505 Applied Developmental Psychopathology

Psy 450/Psy 505 Psychology of Trauma and Loss (SLN Web Course)

Scholarly Activities   Consulting     Research on Trauma     Invited Speaking     Research on Teaching     Workshops     Media Interviews

Current Research   Research on Psychopathology

Demographic Correlates of College Students with Characteristics of Schizoaffective Disorder (Karen Wolford and Jeffrey James Smith)

Longterm Neurotoxic Effects of MDMA: An Investigation of Depression and Ecstasy Use in College Students (Joseph Rosczak and Karen Wolford)

Role of Sexual Abuse in Eating Disorders Among Female College Students (Honors Project - Christina Edwards and Karen Wolford Faculty Sponsor)

Trauma and Loss in College Students: Degree of Resolution of Grief  (Karen Wolford and Jennifer Niccoli)