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I am now retired, as of September 1, 2006!  This web site will continue for some time as a service to my students to provide ideas, memories, curriculum documents, and historical references.  Don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail and let me know how you are doing!

Note:  The "Oswego Update Projects" V1 and V2 (middle and high school curriculum projects) are now available on-line, by clicking below.

The "Oswego Update Project - V1" -  2004 TE High School Course Outlines

Word documents of twenty three high school courses, modeled after the New York State curriculum. Includes new technology, resources, bibliographies.

The "Oswego Update Project  - V2 - Bluebook" -  2006 Middle School Course Update

A complete 2006 revision of the middle school course, with infusion of new technology, NYS Standards alignment, web links, and the latest objectives, strategies, and bibliography. The main curriculum Word document at the link above.  The 14 new activities, presented in PowerPoint form with other multimedia links (high file size), are available by sending me a blank disk and self address stamped envelope of sufficient size, to  23 Co Rt 64, Mexico, NY 13126.

"Historical Reader" for Technology Education

Historical research papers, with visuals, that trace the development of Technology Education. This is the culminating project work of two graduate courses at SUNY Oswego.

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