Anthropology 368
Writing Assignment

The following assignment must be typed. It is due October, 30, 1996. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED!


ASSIGNMENT: You are asked to write a eulogy--your eulogy. The eulogy should be a review of the favorable details and an impressive recounting of your worth in life as seen by a friend or relative speaking several days after your death. You have an advantage few others will ever have, you will be able to write and determine what the speaker says. The person "doing" the eulogy should be identified and his/her relationship to the dead made known. There are no restrictions on the content or form--except that it be between 250- 400 words and represent what you would like someone to say about you and your life. Also, you will be asked to read your own eulogy in class!


Dying is the last thing I ever expect to do.

-- Fred A. Pankrac


Death is really nothing, for so long as we are,

death has not come, and when it has come we are not.

-- Epicurns

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