Stick Bugs

Now That’s What I Call a Sticky Situation

By Robin Red Breast

The Stick Bug is perhaps the most difficult insect you will ever encounter. Not because it is dangerous but rather because it is almost impossible to find. Truly they are masters of camouflage! They can also be quite larger than expected if you do manage to find one. You won’t be able to swallow this bug down in one gulp. On top of all that, the adults actually seem to turn into more stick than bug and are often tough and difficult to digest. This means your best bet for a Stick Bug meal is an immature one. They are often more reckless about “sticking” to the disguise.

All right, I can’t do this to you, it’s too mean. My associates and I wanted to see how many novices we could get to sit staring at twigs all day, but I couldn’t do it! I’ll tell you the sure-fire secret to finding Stick Bugs within a tangle of branches...
For whatever reason, if you sing the phrase “don’t stop believin’....” from the song by Journey of the same name- they are compulsively unable to not sing “hold on to that feelin’!”. At which point they will drop their rigid twig disguise and perform the remainder of the song karaoke style. It’s really quite amusing. You end up with dinner and a show!