It does? Who knew?

By Robin Red Breast

Ash you may have <hick> notished, I am a bit daffy <hick!>
Having jusht gorged my<hick>shelf on sheveral butterfliesh of<hick> very fine vintage, I’m afraid I may ha<hick> had too mush…
I apologize for that my friends, very unprofessional of me. I only left it in here to illustrate the dangers of too much butterfly. Now as many of you know, Butterflies are vessels possessing the nectar of the bird-gods!! Because they live on flower nectar, their cells are pretty much pickled in delicious fomenting nectar. Let my embarrassment be a lesson to you. It can be extremely dangerous to attempt flying after becoming daffy on too many butterflies.
Should you be so inclined to catch your own butterfly, it can be a bit tricky. They fly in a ridiculously erratic fashion due to their constant state of daffiness.

Butterflies are a delightful treat to partake of in the warmth of the summer months! Be sure to try some before the seasons turn cold. You can thank me later.