Math 158   Introduction to Statistics A

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Introductory Statistics, 6th ed., Neil A. Weiss, Addison-Wesley.


Chapters 1-9, chapters 11, 12 and 14, and other topics as determined by the instructor.


Public opinion polling (particularly as it relates to pre-election polls). This topic will be covered and tested thoroughly. Issues related to this topic are covered in Sections 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.3, 5.3, 6.5, and 12.1-3. Additional materials will be discussed and distributed in class. Complete mastery of this topic will serve you well.

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Many exercises will be assigned as regular homework – for your practice. It is your responsibility to complete these exercises. A smaller collection of exercises will be graded; exercises to be graded will be designated in class.


Different tools suit different jobs. A decent handheld calculator (one with basic statistical capabilities) will be useful. We will also make use of Minitab and Excel. Appropriate orientations will be provided.


Sep 21: Last day to drop the course

Oct 1: Midterm 1

Oct 29: Midterm 2 and the final day of the course withdrawal (WP/WF/WN) period

Nov 22: Midterm 3

Dec 15, 10:30 am, Snygg 125 Final Exam Section 810

Dec 17, 10:30 am, Snygg 101 Final Exam Section 800

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Violation of college rules regarding academic dishonesty will be penalized with a course grade of E or with charges brought before the appropriate judicial committee(s).

Statistics is a challenge for many students. It is difficult to quantify common sense, and that is largely the purpose of stats. The “math” is generally quite basic. A number of statistical procedures involve combining a sequence of simpler computations. To get the “correct number” often requires thinking through a sequence of steps. Almost every problem is a word problem or implies a word problem. The questions and answers come in the context of an issue arising from somewhere other than mathematics. Getting the right numbers alone is not “good enough” – you must understand how questions from applications translate into statistical questions, and you will be required provide proper interpretations of results.

Advice: Diligently and tenaciously practice solving problems and get help when your practice is ineffective. Your goal is to be confident that you can successfully solve the next problem.

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