Metric Mania Unless we know how things are counted, we don't know if it's wise to count on the numbers.
STATs "The Statistical Assessment Service examines the way that scientific, quantitative, and social research are presented by the media, and works with journalists to help them convey this material more accurately and effectively."
AIDS in the Priesthood

Bad News on Priests and AIDS

Read what the Kansas City Star reported.

Then, check out an analysis of the statistical methodology behind the KC Star's articles.

Statistical Ties Polling results often designate two or more candidates as being in a statistical tie. What is such a thing and how does it different from the usual sort of tie?
Polling 101 A good source of information about polling.
Playing (with) the odds How do odds-makers set the point spread?
7 Kids!?! Some questions about the McCaughey septuplets.
Bayes' Theorem A famous theorem of probability. The discussion essentially avoids all explicit reference to probability theory.
Media Polls In order to "call" an election based on poll results, what percentage of the voters must be sampled? The answer might surprise you.
False Memories Not only can you read about false memories...the article will also describe an experiment you can perform to show that (false) memories really can be implanted.
False Memories II Links to other sources about this phenomena.
False Memories III How I introduced false memories in the brains of some very smart college students!
Memory and the Human Brain Exploring the parts of the brain responsible for processing memories; how does it all work? (Thanks to Jose for finding this and, with Molly's help, bringing it to my attention.)
Foreign Aid Read about what students think about U. S. foreign aid expenditures.
Capture-Tag-Recapture You want to know how many animals are in a given area...but there are too many to count each one. What to do?
Cash Back Awards How one credit card runs it's cash-back (rebate) program. The enticement is somewhat about the details.
The Myth of the Volatile Voter Important things about results of political polls.
The Meta Poll Some ideas about combining results of independent polls. How you can use the Pythagorean Theorem (about triangles) to combine poll results in the comfort and safety of your own home.
Close Call Just how close was that elections?