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Scott Preston

Statistician, Associate Professor

308 Snygg Hall
Department of Mathematics
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126

315 312 2756
315 312 5424 fax

Student Works

Indicators of Type E Avian Botulism Outbreaks on Lakes Erie and Ontario

Sarah Faddegon, B.S. Zoology (Minor in Chemistry), 2009 Thesis, College Honors Program


PhD. Statistics, The Pennsylvania State University.

My dissertation (pdf: quite large – about 130 pages). The margins are set for binding, and consequently are uneven.

B.S. Mathematics, University of Wisconsin.

Research interests

Statistics education.

Exact, unconditional tests for a difference in Poisson parameters; exact tests for goodness-of-fit to a Poisson distribution.

The effects of mowing and weather on butterfly populations (jointly with Pete Weber, Biology).


Sign-Scored Testing for Ordered Alternatives in the One-Way Layout (pdf)

Teaching Prediction Intervals

CAFE (pdf) or CAFE (at the Journal of Statistics Education)

The Effects of Field Mowing on Adult Butterfly Assemblages in Central New York State (pdf)

Avian influenza as the Cause of Late Pleistocene Mammalian Megafaunal Extinctions in the Americas


Omnicom Group (Sarbanes-Oxley)

Breeding Birds in Old Fields in Central New York State in Relation to Field Mowing (pdf)