Lawrence Spizman
Published Forensic Papers
(These papers are in Adobe pdf format.  You can download the pdf reader for free here)

Assessing Economics Damage in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation: The State of New York

“The Effect of the Loss of a Parent on the Future Earnings of a Minor Child”, Symposium Paper, Eastern Economic Journal, 2010, 36, 370-390. (Download unavailable due to copyright issues)

 “Forensic Economics”, 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook, Volume Two, Editor Rhona C. Free, Part VI, Economic Analyses of Issues and Markets, Chapter 72, pp 739-746, 2010,  Sage Publication Inc.  

 A Note on Utilizing the Geometric Mean: When, Why and How the Forensic Economist Should Employ the Geometric Mean

Sample Selectivity Bias Of The U.S Chamber of Commerce Employee Benefits Study

Geometric v. Arithmetic Mean, Which One Should the Forensic Economist Utilize?

Final Comment: Unintended Consequences of New York Structured Settlement Laws

Loss of Self-Employed Earning Capacity

One More Time: New York's Structured Settlement Statutes, Rent Seeking, and the Pro-Plaintiff Bias

The Economist's Role in Equal Pay Act Litigation

The Unintended Consequences of Tort Reform: Rent Seeking in New York
State's Structured Settlements Statutes

An Update of the Educational Attainment Model for a Minor Child

Defending Against a Daubert Challenge: An Application in Projecting the Lost Earnings
of a Minor Child

Work-Life Expectancy for the Self-Employed

The Defense Economist’s Role in Litigation Settlement Negotiations

Loss of Future Income in the Case of Personal Injury of a Child: Parental Influence on a Child's Future Earnings