Lawrence M. Spizman, Ph.D.
Forensic Economic Consulting
since 1985

Economic damage is an inevitable consequence of personal injury, wrongful death or other areas of litigation, and sophisticated economic analysis is required to attach a dollar value to that damage.  Since 1985, Dr. Lawrence Spizman, a forensic economist, has provided such analyses to the legal community.  In addition to working for plaintiff or defendant  as an expert witness, his analyses guide attorneys in the preparation of questions to introduce during direct or cross examination and critique and review the arguments of economists on the opposing side.   Forensic economic analysis is particularly challenging when the victim is a child with no earning history.  Such cases require the application of the Spizman-Kane ordered probit model (SK92,SK01), which outputs the probability that a child would have obtained a certain educational level and thereby permits an estimate of the child's lost income.

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