Eco 101 - Principles of Microeconomics

I am currently using Angel Class Management System . I will no longer update these web pages for my classes.  Students in my class should use Angel to get current notes.

Welcome to your first economics class (or second if you already had macroeconomics) .  Some of you might have heard that because my notes are posted on the web in great detail that means you do not have to go to class.  The following should help you make that decision.

Large class:
For those who are wondering if there is any correlation between going to class and grades here is a sobering statistic.  Of those students who missed more than seven classes, 50 percent received less than a C-.  That is 50 percent of those students who missing four weeks of class got either a D+,D,D- or failed. Of this group (missing 8 or more classes) 25 percent failed the class.  86 percent of those students who failed this class missed more than seven classes. So if you hear from students that you do not need to attend class to do well in this class because the notes are posted on line beware.

Small class.  Of those students who missed more than six classes, 53 percent received less than a C- (That is a D+,D, D- or E).
Of those students who missed two or less classes 39 percent received A or A-.

Some of you who do well  in this class should consider being an economics minor.  To be a minor you need econ
101 and econ 200 plus any four upper level econ classes.  Remember when you enter the job market anything that shows you are a better candidate than your competition gives you an edge.  Economics is considered a very rigorous program nationally and can only help in the job market.  If you want to be an econ minor drop me an email. If you are interested in being a major or double major let me know.

Go the the link to the Syllabus where you will see the text book that we are using.  Try and buy a used copy of this book and shop hard on line.  Buying this book will demonstrate many of the economic principles we will learn in the class.  When the supply of the used copy of this book is high what price do you expect to pay?  As more and more students start buying the book and sellers have fewer of them left what do you think will happen to the price of the used text book.  Shop early and save big coin.

Textbook: Microeconomics, 18th edition McConnell, Brue and Flynn

I suggest you go on line and buy this book used.  The price of the used copies will go up as more and more people buy this on line. There may be a 19th edition but I will not be using it so buy a used copy of the 18th edition. Do a search for textbooks and you will be surprised how cheap you can get them.  The college store and Kraftees across RT 104 should have these also used.

 Web Page for Text book click here

* Syllabus
* Course description

 Tutoring is available if you want to discuss this material with someone else.  To be posted during semester.

Links to Chapter notes:

Links to current economic news stories.

Business Week
New York Times
Yahoo Economics and Business
CNN News

Review materials on the web

* Explorations in Economic Demand and Explorations in Economic Supply (by Kim Sosin)
An online example of demand and supply analysis with discussion questions.
* Exploring Supply and Demand (by Kim Sosin)
An online quiz that tests basic demand and supply concepts.


Online introductory economics texts:

* Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Approach by Roger A. McCain (Drexel University)
This online hypermedia text contains a good discussion of introductory economics topics.
Larry Spizman -

Department of Economics, SUNY-Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126