Department of Atmospheric and Geological Sciences

Dr. Steven Skubis

Professor and Atmospheric Scientist

M.S. and Ph.D. degree in Atmospheric Sciences recieved from SUNY Albany.

Courses Taught:

MET 100: Meteorology
MET 210: Meteorology for Science Majors
MET 220: Meteorology for Science Majors II
MET 310: Computer Applications in Meteorology
MET 365: Tropical Meteorology
MET 401: Atmospheric Physics: Radiation and Remote Sensing
MET 402: Atmospheric Physics: Aerosol and Cloud Physics
MET 411: Dynamic Meteorology I
MET 412: Dynamic Meteorology II
MET 497:Senior Seminar

Course Web page links:

Met 100 Web Page       (password required)
Met 220 Web Page
       (password required)
Met 497 Senior Seminar

Other SUNY Oswego links:

SUNY Oswego Student Meteorology Web Page
SUNY Oswego Earth Sciences Web Page
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Hyun-Deok Choi, J. J. Pagano, Milligan, H. P. Kopke, S. Skubis, T. M. Holsen, 2010: Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDE) air concentrations in the Lake Ontario region: Trends and potential sources. Atmospheric Environment, 44, 3173-3178.

Smith, R. B., S. Skubis, J. D. Doyle, A. Broad, C. Kiemle, and H. Volkert, 2002: Mountain waves over Mt. Blanc: Influence of a stagnant layer.  Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 59, 2073-2092.

Molinari, J., D. Vollaro, S. Skubis, and M. Dickinson, 2000: Origins and mechanisms of eastern Pacific tropical cyclogenesis: A case study. Monthly Weather Review, 128, 125-139.

Molinari, J., S. Skubis, D. Vollaro, F. Alsheimer, and H. Willoughby, 1998: Potential vorticity analysis of tropical cyclone intensification. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 55, 2632-2644.

Molinari, J., D. Knight, M. Dickinson, D. Vollaro, and S. Skubis, 1997: Potential vorticity, easterly waves and eastern Pacific tropical cyclogenesis. Monthly Weather Review, 125, 2699-2708.

Molinari, J., S. Skubis, and D. Vollaro, 1995: External influences on hurricane intensity. Part III: Potential vorticity structure. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 52, 3593-3606.

Molinari, J., D. Vollaro, and S. Skubis, 1993: Application of the Eliassen model to real-data tropical cyclones.  Monthly Weather Review, 121, 2409-2419.

Molinari, J., and S. Skubis, 1988: Calculation of consistent flux and advective terms from adjusted vertical profiles of divergence. Monthly Weather Review, 116, 1829-1837.

Skubis, S., and J. Molinari, 1987: Angular momentum variation in a translating cyclone.  Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 113, 1041-1048.

Molinari, J., and S. Skubis, 1985: Evolution of the surface wind field in an intensifying tropical cyclone.  Monthly Weather Review, 42, 2865-2879.


Web sites to visit:


ADDS - Satellite
NCEP Central Operations 
TYX NWS Radar Montague, NY
BUF NWS Radar Buffalo NY
NCAR-RAP Real-Time Weather Data website
National Radar NWS
Latest weather radar images from the National Weather Service
King City, Ontario - Radar Imagery - Environment Canada
Franktown, Ontario - Radar Imagery - Environment Canada
OSGN6 NDBC - Station
NHC_Tropical Prediction Center


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On a perfectly smooth ice covered rotating earth with no atmosphere, a hockey player places a puck on the glaring ice and whacks a wicked hard slapshot which propels the puck at a whopping 100 ms-1. This puck is slapped to the east and west at 45o north and south latitudes. Also right on the equator the puck is whacked to the north. The solid lines denote the trajectories of the puck.
Inertial Circles on a Mollweide homolographic projection: