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CHE 300: Internet Assignment

Step 1: Some Important Guidelines

Dr. Schneider's CHE 300 students should use the Student Submitted Links page to submit their internet homework assignment. This is the ONLY way that your assignment can be submitted. It will NOT be accepted via any other method including but not limited to: email, US mail, or handwritten and slipped under my office door. YOU are responsible for getting the assignment completed by the assigned deadline. The assignment is worth 30 points and is due on the last day of classes. If it is submitted after that (for any reason), there is an automatic 15 point penalty and then a 5 point per day late penalty after that. I reserve the right to remove any link that is not appropriate.

You need to be using a FORMs capable browser to do this assignment. If you are using any of the computers in any of the on-campus computer labs you are using such a browser.

If you need a place to start: Try the links to the Search Engines shown below. All of them pretty much work the same way; you type in some text that you want searched (e.g. Environmental Science) and the engine will spit back anywhere from zero to hundreds of thousands of links for you to try. Some of the returned links will be dead, i.e. they will no longer work. Other links may sound good but once you get there may not be exactly what you were looking for. This means it is an excellent idea to actually go to the link(s) that you would like to submit so that you are sure that it works. With a little practice you should be a searching pro in no time!

After you've submitted your link, it should appear under the appropriate section heading that you selected; you may or may not need to click on your browser's [RELOAD] button to see it appear on the list (dependent upon how the browser is configured). If the URL that you submitted is "dead", you will need to do the assignment again and will be notified of this via email. I will try to check the validity of sites every few days.

As always, if you need any assistance please contact me, before the deadline. Also if you happen to come across a dead link either on the submitted links page or on the "best of" page, please let me know.


Step 2: Find An Interesting Environmental Website

Here are some search engines to help you get started:

[Altavista | Dogpile | Excite | InfoSeek | Lycos | Ask Jeeves | Yahoo!]


Step 3: Go Back to the Student Submitted Links Page and Fill Out the Form Completely

There are SIX parts to the form:

  1. Enter an informative TITLE for the website where it says "URL-Name".
  2. Enter the URL (i.e. the web address) for the site, where it says "URL-Address".
  3. Choose a category that you would like the link submitted under.
  4. Enter your email address to which a confirming email will be sent upon successful completion of the assignment. Pleaase make sure you have typed it in correctly BEFORE submitting your assignment.
  5. Please give a brief (i.e. one or two sentences) description of what is at the site. Merely describing it as "Internet Homework Assignment" is unacceptable.
  6. Enter your name as it appears on your registration.

When you have filled out the form completely, click the button labeled "Submit Homework". Please the click the button only one time.

Please choose your destination:


All material (except for some code and external links) © Jeffery A. Schneider, 2003