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CHE 300: Optional Reading List

Students often ask me for suggested extra reading. Therefore, the following articles are collected in a "Reading Packet" and may or may not be on reserve in Penfield Library for use in the library; it's probably easier to just read them here. These articles are NOT required reading; the material will NOT be covered on the exams. They are simply here to enlighten you. So be enlightened and enjoy!

  1. "Science and the Health of the Earth" by Lewis Thomas in The Fragile Species (Scribners, 1992, pp. 116-128)

  2. "The World in Two Pages" by Donella Meadows (Island Press, 1991, pp. 37-39)

  3. "If the World Were a Village of 1,000 People" by D. Meadows

  4. "Putting It Into B.T.U.'s" by David Morris (New York Times, February 26, 1979)

  5. "The Big Picture" by William C. Reynolds in Energy:From Nature to Man (McGraw Hill Book Company, 1974, pp. 1-13)

  6. "Preparing for Climate Change" by Laura Tangley (Bioscience 1988, 38(1), 14-18)

  7. "The Tradegy of the Commons" by Garrett Hardin (Science 1968, 162, 1243-48)

  8. "Risk Assessments of Low-Level Exposures" An Editorial by Philip H. Abelson (Science 1994, 265, 1507)

  9. "A 'Bad' Drug May Turn Out to Do Good" by Anne Underwood (Newsweek, September 19, 1994)

  10. "Quest for Return of the Timber Wolf" by James Dao (New York Times, July 21, 1994)

  11. "The Great Milk Debate: Cardboard or Plastic?" by Kate Read (Hanover, NH Co-op News, April/May 1990)

  12. "Among the Earth Baby Set, Disposable Diapers Are Back" by Michael Specter (New York Times, October 23, 1992)

  13. "U.S. to Weigh Blacks' Complaints About Pollution" by John H. Cushman Jr. (New York Times, November 19, 1993)

  14. "Why Johnny Shoots Stop Signs" by Ted Williams (Audubon Sep 1988, pp. 112-121)

  15. "Granola Boys, Eco-Dudes, and Me" by Elizabeth Larsen (Ms. Magazine, July 1991, pp. 96-97)

  16. "Global Extinction Isn't The Real Threat" by Donella Meadows (Valley News, August 26, 1989)


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