CHE 300

Environmental Science

Dr. J. A. Schneider
Dept. of Chemistry
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126

Rm: 237 Snygg Hall
Tel: 315.312.2124

Welcome to CHE 300: Environmental Science

All lifeforms impact the planet we call Earth; from the smallest bacterium to the largest mammal. The impact of many of these lifeforms goes largely unnoticed, while that of others is observed on a daily basis. One lifeform in particular has had a huge impact on the Earth and that lifeform is us, the human species.

Humans, for better or worse, have changed the planet on which we live and depend. We've fouled the air we breathe and the water we drink. The land we live on and grow our food on has been eroded, contaminated, sterilized and otherwise degraded. All in the name of progress.

For many of you, this course will be your first exposure to "Environmental Science" and you're taking the course... well, just because... My hope is that by the end of the semester, everyone (no matter why you're here) will have learned something new and interesting.


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