CHE 300

Environmental Science

Dr. J. A. Schneider
Dept. of Chemistry
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126

Rm: 237 Snygg Hall
Tel: 315.312.2124
CHE 300: How You Will Be Evaluated

You will have TWO multiple choice exams (50 questions @ 2 pts) spaced evenly throughout the semester (see schedule for dates) and a non-cumulative Final Exam (also 50 questions @ 2 pts). Although all regular semester exams will be comprehensive to the extent that we build upon ideas and concepts previously learned, they will mainly cover those topics we have discussed since the last exam. If you do not take the final exam, you will fail the course regardless of previous course performance.

In addition to the exams, there will be six assignments related to the movies we view during the second part of each module. There will also be questions related to the videos on your exams. Each of the video assignments is worth 30 points and the lowest score will be dropped.

There will also be five homework assignments for you to do to be turned in at the next class meeting. Each of these assignments is worth 30 points and again I will drop the lowest score.

Finally, you will be required to search the World Wide Web and submit a class-related environmental link to me via my web page. This assignment is worth 30 points; but please wait until it is assigned to complete it. You will have plenty of time to complete the assignment and no late assignments will be accepted.

2 Reg Hr Exams50 questions @ 2 pts200
Final Exam50 questions @ 2 pts100
Video Assignments5 @ 30 pts150
Homework Assignments4 @ 30 pts120
Website Assignment1 @ 30 pts 30
 Total Points =600

Grades will be based on the following curve. You are GUARANTEED at least these grades if you attain the necessary minimum number of points shown in the table below; unless of course you've been found to be cheating at any time during the course, then all guarantees are null and void. Also, don't expect to be able to turn in all of the assignments on the last day of classes. It doesn't work that way.


General Classroom Policies

  1. It will be nearly impossible for me to cover all the material in the assigned readings during lectures. However, YOU are responsible for this information in addition to any extra material presented in lectures, videos, demonstrations and class discussions (whether or not you are present).
  2. Because your final grade is based largely on your exam performance, missing an exam is not recommended. THERE WILL BE NO MAKE-UP EXAMS GIVEN. If you are too ill to take an exam make sure you call me or send me an email message BEFORE the exam. In the event that a makeup exam is deemed appropriate, I reserve the right to administer an essay exam rather than the standard multiple choice exam.
  3. Do not be late to the exams. ONCE THE FIRST PERSON FINISHES THEIR EXAM, ANYONE ARRIVING AFTER THAT TIME IS CONSIDERED TO HAVE MISSED THE EXAM. In this case, an essay exam will be administered.
  4. If you do not take the FINAL exam, you will receive a grade of "E" for the course regardless of past exam performance.
  5. The college policy on cheating and plagiarism can be found in the college catalog. Anyone caught cheating on an exam in this course will at minimum, receive a grade of zero (0) for that exam - if you are talking during an exam, I can only assume that you are cheating.
  6. NO EXTRA CREDIT will be accepted. Your grade will be based on the total points you earn on your exams, the assigned homeworks and your class participation.
  7. If you have a learning disability which you think may hinder your performance in this course, then it is your responsibility to contact me immediately.


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