Experimental Archaeology Site

SUNY at Oswego - Stephen Saraydar, Professor - Office 307A Mahar Hall
Telephone - (315) 312-4190 - Email: stephen.saraydar@oswego.edu


Dig Site
photograph of students at the experimental dig site  photograph of student working with material in the classroom


The Experimental Archaeology Site was created in 1998 to provide students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with archaeological methods and pursue their own research projects. The site is located adjacent to the Archaeology Laboratory in Mahar Hall, making it easy for exercises in survey, mapping and excavation to be carried out during class periods. Each semester new sites for excavation are created by participants in Anthropology 230. The construction of these sites is recorded on videotape for viewing by the following semester's students after they have completed their excavations and formulated their interpretations. We have since created a "dig lab" in the basement of Mahar Hall in which students can gain experience excavating and interpreting specially constructed sites regardless of weather conditions. This lab is also used for experimental work in lithic technology and in the use of the Total Station, as well as other topics.  These experiences are complemented with a "virtual" dig of a prehistoric site on the computer and a range of laboratory exercises that focus on topics such as classification of artifacts, dating methods, human osteology, and faunal analysis.

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