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“Management’s job is not to see the company as it is but as it can become.”

                                                                                                                               John W. Teets, CEO

                                                                                                                              Greyhound Corp.


If I could restate this as “A teacher’s job is not to see the student as he/she is but as what he/she can become”, it would convey my teaching philosophy perfectly.  This quote best exemplifies what I feel every educator should be trying to accomplish with respect to his/her students.  It is his/her responsibility to challenge the students so that they extend their limits and learn to think outside the box and achieve their full potential.


In order to accomplish this very challenging task it is imperative that the environment in the classroom, be safe and comfortable so the students feel free to share, yet challenging in a constructive and supportive manner so that the students learn to think critically.  Only through a free flow of ideas and sharing of experiences can the classroom environment become synergistic.  It is also important that the learning be a two way process, if I am not challenged as an instructor while I am in class, then I have failed at achieving this synergy in learning.  I see my self as a guide or a facilitator on this journey of learning.


In addition to classroom learning I strongly feel that it is my responsibility to challenge the students and to set an example for them so that they develop not only as a manger but also as a person.  This belief I feel is a product of the beliefs I was brought up with.  In my home country of Pakistan and in my religion, teachers are accorded great respect and I feel with this respect comes additional responsibility.  Even though I am a long way from that culture and environment I still hold strongly to this belief.  I try to develop a relationship with my students in order to succeed at this goal.


If I am successful in implementing my objectives, then a student who has completed my course should have the ability to think critically and to integrate knowledge from different areas into their decision making process.


As a teacher and a researcher, I also feel that there needs to be a balance in between these two activities.  The following quote best conveys my feeling about the balance between these two equally important roles:  "Don't think of them [teaching and research] as independent. Make them interact.  If you stress teaching per se, you will deplete your intellectual capital in about five years. After that you will be teaching other people's ideas; other people's work."


Maurice Moonitz on teaching & research [in Demski et. al., Accounting Horizons, June 2002)



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