Excerpted Student Comments About Their Experiences as a Participant in 
Summer In the City 2003
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Stephanie Shattell; Renee' Burgess; Jason Guild; Jennifer Kincaid

Stephanie Shattell:  �I felt the Summer in the City 2003 was the best experience in my life and I would not have traded it for anything.  It taught me so many valuable lessons and let me into the culture and lifestyles that the students that I taught lived.  I would definitely go back and teach there.  It was an enriching experience and I do not have one negative thing to say about the program.

I lived in Brooklyn Heights and it was a beautiful neighborhood.  The building that I lived in was ok, there were a lot of really nice rooms but I was not as lucky as I received the smallest room, where others got larger rooms.  I would still live there because again it was a wonderful place to live. 

I was placed at PS155 in Brownsville, Brooklyn and I was in 3rd grade.  I worked Monday-Thursday 8-2 and Tuesday nights we met at LaGuardia High School in Manhattan to meet with our workshop groups.  I feel that the workshops were ok. Some of the stuff was things that we already knew, but the teachers were trying to give us tips on how to be an effective teacher in an urban environment. 

         Urban life was nice and it was interesting to see how other cultures lived.  I felt excepted by the community that I lived in and the community that I taught in.  The urban school that I taught in showed the effects of lack of money because there was a lot of physical work that had to be done with the building, and you could see the lack of parent communication and parent responsibility because not too many of the parents of my students worked academically with their students outside of school.  I had third graders that could not read, add, or subtract.     

            All in all my SITC experience was excellent and I would not change anything.�
Renee� Burgess: �I was very happy with my student housing.  I lived in the St. George hotel; it was in a very nice area in Brooklyn Heights.  I was placed in PS 155, which was in Brownsville, Brooklyn.  I was in a third grade classroom and worked Monday-Thursdays from 8:00-2:00. 

    We met every Tuesday for the weekly meetings.  Personally, I don�t think they were very useful and just saw them as a waste of time, which I think many people did.  They were about all the things we pretty much learned in our education classes. 

I loved my experience in my classroom.  I learned a lot about myself; knowing I did a good job I had a lot of practice with working with the children and even speaking with parents, this is one thing that has always intimidated me�Now, I feel very comfortable in speaking with parents, because of the practice I had in my placement.  All in all it was the best experience of my life.  I would love to share this experience with other education students that are interested in doing the program.�