Here are some of the things we look at 
			when we are considering schools in NYC for our student teachers:						
			1. Is there reason to move our students away from PS/MS 306?
			This school has been taking our student teachers every semester for all but one of the last eight semesters (about four years).They welcome our students with open arms, always asking for more.
			We have a good working relationship with the administration there. 
			Both Childhood and Adolescencestudent teachers can work there in the first quarter.
			2. Is there a reason to have our student teachers in more than one building?
			The largest number of student teachers we've had in one quarter in NYC has been 11, and PS/MS 306 has easily housed them all.
			If or when we have so many student teachers we can't place them in one building, then it will be time to look at placing our students in multiple schools.
			My data (possibly incomplete) says that we have about 8 student teachers going to NYC in January.
			Placing all of our students in one building allows for less transportation time for supervisors, and allows for more consistent communication between supervisors.
			Also, the high school option forAdolescence student teachers is very close to PS/MS 306 allowing for ease of travel and communication for supervisors.
			3. Have we visited the school and found it to be satisfactory for our pre-teachers?
			We will not place a student teacher in a building that we haven't already established a partnership with.
These are the biggest factors that guide our decision making:
  • 				Is the school urban, and the kind of school we want to support? It does appear to be located in an urban area, but this last point is questionable.  					
  • 				Is it a high needs school? PS/MS 43 is a high needs school. 					
  • 				Does the student population have a mix of people of color?
    				It has an ethnicity breakdown of 41% Black; 37% Hispanic, 14% White, and8% Asian/other, one that we would like our pre-teachers to experience.						
  • 				Is the school located near a subway stop, and relatively close to the other NYC schools were we have some sort of partnership?
    				According to my information, this school is not near a subway line, and is very far removed from the schools in theBronx and Manhattan where we have partnerships.
    				This school is also much further away from SUNY Oswego than the schools in Manhattan or the Bronx, making it more difficult to visit regularly.
			4. Is the placement going to help induce our student teachers to take a position in NYC schools?
			This is our ultimate goal.
			This goal encourages us to find pre-teachers who actually live in the NYC boroughs, or some who may be interested in relocating to the city to live and teach. 
			Working with schools in the Bronx and Manhattan works fine for this kind of student teacher. 
			If our student teachers do not alreadylive in NYC, they can find safe and semi-affordable housing within reasonable travel distance to our partner schools.
			PS/MS 43 seems to be a school that would work fine for pre-teachers whose family lives in a Long Island community.
			However, our intention is not to support student teachers whose only interest in teaching in NYC is so that they can live at home on Long Island (and not be immersed in the NYC community); 
			and whose plans do not include teaching in NYC after graduation.
			We have had a small number of student teachers at PS/MS 306 who actually did commute from Long Island.
			We don't forbid this from happening, but we do not want to encourage it.
			If our goal was to simply increase the numbers of our student teachers going to NYC schools, we could do this easily by establishing partnerships with a school in the far reaches of Queens (or Brooklyn).
			No doubt we'd find a number of student teachers from the Long Island area who would be interested in an opportunity to live at home for student teaching.
			But it seems to me that this strategy would not be consistent with our current efforts to support NYC schools.  
 Last Updated 2/24/10